Our annual summer conference brings together national DX thought leaders on our unique presentation platform. Each day will be devoted to a single critical aspect of digital transformation followed by the recognition of one of our Digital Transformation Award winners or a CIO of the Year Award winner.

In a world of ever-changing threats and attack vectors, effective Identity and access management (IAM) programs are one of the cornerstones of the enterprise security agenda. Organizations are increasingly looking to build their IAM strategy, for their workforce and their consumers, along Zero Trust frameworks and principles. Help us kick-off our Digital Transformation festivities with this 90-minute look at how to deploy solutions able to meet the dynamic requirements of today’s hybrid multi-cloud world.

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Why you need to attend DX

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As enterprises explore their digital transformation pathway, there are four common challenges they face:

  • Culture
  • Digital Strategy and Vision
  • IT Infrastructure and Digital Expertise
  • Organizational Structure

Through the conferences expert panels, presentations and our award-winning case studies, you’ll walk away from the conference knowing:

  • How companies innovate by capitalizing on unexpected opportunities
  • How organizations drive business growth and efficiencies with the right DX vision
  • Best practices for implementing advancements in AI, cloud and digital infrastructure
  • How leading thinkers are preparing for next round of change


JULY 7 (On-Demand)
Modernizing Identity and Access Management

The New
Digital Workplace

July 14
Data Analytics
And AI

July 15
Digital Transformation From
The CIO Perspective

Modernizing Identity and Access Management

JULY 7 1:00 - 2:30 PM EST

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Laura Payne

Security Consultant


IAM and Digital Transformation

Dhruva Suthar, Director of IBM Security Canada will discuss the evolution of IAM as a cybersecurity strategy. Look for an announcement about IBM Security Verify.

Panel Discussion

Building an Effective IAM Strategy

In this panel, our experts discuss IAM trends, cybersecurity strategies and best practices for keeping your organization safe in an evolving threatscape.

Laura Payne, Security Consultant
Evan O’Regan, Associate Partner, Digital Trust & IAM, IBM
Yogesh Shivhare, Senior Analyst, Security and Infrastructure, IDC Canada
Maher Chaar, IAM/ICAM Executive Consultant


How to Build Your CIAM according to Zero Trust Principles

This discussion will cover a pragmatic understanding of CIAM, Zero Trust and how to apply these principles in practice.
Evan O'Regan, Associate Partner Cloud and Infrastructure Security at IBM.


Experience IBM Security Verify in action

In this demonstration you’ll see how IBM’s newest offering can help protect your organizations. The presentation will cover onboarding, administration, and privacy and consent.
Bruce Wishart, Consulting IT Specialist, IBM.

Live Q&A

Live Q&A Session with the Experts

This is a cameras-on opportunity to get your IAM and Zero Trust questions answered by IBM experts.


JULY 13 1:00 - 2:30 PM EST

In our opening session of our Digital Transformation Week conference we look at the transforming workplace with best practice tips on issues ranging from hybrid work to emerging security challenges.

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Welcoming Remarks
Steve Proctor, VP Marketing and Communications, ITWC
Spiros Paleologos, Group vice president, UKG Canada


Business as Unusual: The Future Workforce

The way we work has changed forever. Our expert panel will discuss how organizations need to deal with the new challenges of workplace safety and attendant productivity impact, hybrid work, screen fatigue, remote talent pools, workplace culture, and the harnessing of technology to maximize the potential and efficiency of employees.

Paula Allen, Global Leader and SVP, Research and Total Wellbeing, LifeWorks

Nicole Filiatrault, Marketing Director, UKG Canada
Mark Humphries, Associate Vice-President (AVP) Information Technology or Chief Information Officer
Zac Nichol, Manager, Innovative HR Solutions, City of Ottawa

Awards Presentation

Digital Transformation: Public Sector Small

Presented by Laurie Harvey, Director of Channel Marketing for Jabra


Overcoming Digital Transformation Barriers

Presented by Pat Phalen, VP of Research with Rimini Street

Awards Presentation

Digital Transformation: Private Sector Small

Presented by Chris Christopher, Senior Solutions Architect SAS Canada

Awards Presentation

Digital Transformation: Emerging Technologies

Presented by Ontario’s Minister of Economic Development, The Honourable Victor Fedeli

Networking Session

Digital Workplace Trends: A quiz

Have you been paying attention to workplace trends over the last 18-months? Test your knowledge with this UKG sponsored quiz and you could win a Peloton training system with the one year subscription.

Closing Remarks


July 14, 2021 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM EST

Data is the life blood of business. In today’s session we look at Artificial intelligence and quantum computing through the business lens...and beyond.

Watch On-Demand
Opening Remarks
Jim Love, CIO, ITWC

Opening Presentation

AI and Analytics Powering HR Transformation

Employee safety and workforce planning have emerged as key priorities for businesses. Chris Mullen, Executive Director of the Workforce Institute, UKG, will share his view of how AI and analytics are enabling organizations to pivot quickly, keep people safe and connected, and provide management with instant access to trends.


Three Keys to Successful AI Implementation

As workplace applications of artificial intelligence become the norm, organizational leaders will face a host of challenges to ensure effective implementation. In this presentation, Bruno Morency, Managing Director, Techstars Montreal AI Accelerator, offers his tips based on almost two decades of work with enterprise and startup organizations.

Awards Presentation

Digital Transformation: Large Public Sector

Presented by UKG VP Sales Chris Krasinkiewicz

Quantum Computing: Practical Application for Techs Next Big Disruptor

Our expert panel offers their thoughts on how businesses should be preparing for the impact of quantum computing. Moderator
Dr. Ketaki Desai, Vice President, Business Development, Ontario Centre of Innovation (OCI)

Christian Weedbrook, CEO, Xanadu
Bob Sutor, Chief Quantum Executive, IBM
Timothy Hirzel,Chief Orquestra Evangelist at Zapata Computing


AI and Analytics Quiz


Hit! Not Miss: AI-Driven Decisioning and Investigation

Ronald Christopher Senior Solutions Architect SAS

Identifying opportunities and activities hidden deep within big data is a challenge for many organizations. With a plethora of options available to the data scientist today including web scraping, text analytics, and predictive analytics, the challenge that remains is how to avoid costly mistakes like missing critical fraud signals or hidden marketing opportunities. This session addresses these common challenges as observed by SAS, an industry leader in advanced analytics.


AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES: They are closer than you think

Ross Garrett, Head of Product, VW Automotive Cloud

AI vs. Space Junk: An out of this world AI case study

Kirk Hovell, Co-founder, CTO, Obruta Space Solutions.

Award Presentation

Digital Transformation: Large Private Sector

Presented by: Corrine Sharp, CMO, Shinydocs



July 15, 2021 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM EST

What are CIOs thinking? What's their approach to keeping the DX momentum of the last 16-months? Find out today. We’ll also be presenting the CIO of the Year Awards in co-operation with the CIO Association of Canada.

Watch On-Demand
Opening Remarks

Philippe Johnston, CIO National Research Council

President, CIO Association of Canada (CIOCAN)


Connected Data is Driving the New Digital Information Era

Information is increasing in variety, volume, and velocity and for far too many organizations this means data insecurity, missed opportunity, and lost revenue. In this presentation, Jason Cassidy, founder and CEO of Shinydocs challenges challenges conventional thinking around enterprise data and warning companies that embrace the status quo - or simply does what everyone else is doing - will find themselves in the crosshairs of more agile, data-centric organizations

Award Presentation

CIO of the Year: Next GenerationLeader

Presented by Bruce Hanley, VP & General Manager, Aruba Networks

How to build on your pandemic-inspired progress

As masks start to come off, are late nights and hard work put in by IT teams coming to an end? The IT executives we’ve gathered for this panel don’t think so. Inspired by seeing the impossible brought to life during the pandemic, they are doubling down on innovation and finding new ways of building on the existing energy...and they’ve agreed to share their thoughts on how any organization can do it..

Kevin Krempulec, Regional VP of CANADA, RingCentral

Humza Teherany, Chief Technology and Digital Officer, MLSE Inc.
Mark Bryant, CIO, PLC Construction
Christine Day, CIO Questrade

CIO of the Year Awards Presentations

CIO of the Year (Public Sector)

Presented by Rimini Street

CIO of the Year (Not for Profit Sector)

Presented by Pat Phalen, VP of Marketing Rimini Street


Award Presentation

CIO of the Year (Public Sector)

Presented by Amir Hameed, RingCentral’s VP of Global Sales Engineering.

Award Presentation

CIO of the Year (Private Sector)

Presented by Nicole Filiatrault, Marketing Director, UKG Canada



Pat Phelan
VP, Market Research, Rimini Street, Inc.

Victor Fideli
Ontario’s Minister of Economic Development

Ronald Christopher
Sr. Solutions Architect, SAS Canada

Kevin Krempulec
Regional VP of CANADA, RingCentral

Amir Hameed
VP of Global Sales Engineering, RingCentral

Corinne Sharp
CMO Shinydocs

Jason Cassidy
CEO, Shinydocs

Mark Bryant

Humza Teherany
Chief Technology & Digital Officer, MSLE

Philippe Johnston
President, CIO Association of Canada

Ross Garrett
Head of Product, VW Automotive Cloud

Bruno Morency
Managing Director, Techstars Montreal AI Accelerator

Nicole Filiatrault
Marketing Director, UKG Canada

Chris Mullen
Executive Director of the Workforce Institute, UKG

Paula Allen
Global Leader and SVP, Research and Total Wellbeing, LifeWork

Maher Chaar
IAM/ICAM Executive Consultant

Spiros Paleologos
Group vice president, UKG Canada

Dr. Ketaki Desai
Vice President, Business Development, Ontario Centre of Innovation (OCI)

Christian Weedbrook
CEO, Xanadu

Bob Sutor
Chief Quantum Executive, IBM

Laura Payne
Security Consultant

Evan O’Regan
IBM Associate Partner for IAM

Bruce Wishart
Consulting IT Specialist, IBM

Christine Day
CIO Questrade

Yogesh Shivhare
Senior Analyst, Security and Infrastructure

Dhruva Suthar
Director of IBM Security Canada

Timothy Hirzel
Chief Orquestra Evangelist at Zapata Computing

Jim Love

Steve Proctor
VP Marketing and Communications, ITWC



Each day the sessions will feature a mix of live and pre-recorded material. They will take place on DX-TV, a unique platform that offers the audience the opportunity to watch videos, download white papers and socialize through live chat and established sponsor breakout rooms.

All material from the week will be amplified through the ITWC network of publications and be posted on a Digital Transformation Week hub.

Preview of the DX-TV platform


CIO of the Year Awards

Digital Transformation Week culminates with a focus on the CIO perspective and the CIO of the Year Awards, supported by ITWC and the CIO Association of Canada. Phil Johnston, CIO, National Research Council and President of the CIO Association of Canada who will serve as emcee for the presentation program.

The CIO of the Year Awards recognize Canadian technology leaders who have demonstrated business and technological vision, entrepreneurship, a capacity to drive enterprise transformation and a demonstrated ability to drive value in the marketplace.

Four awards will be presented in the following categories:

CIO of the Year Awards: Judging Panel

Gary Davenport
Past President,
CIO Association of Canada

Jim Love
CIO and Chief Content Officer at ITWC

Humza Teherany
Chief Technology & Digital Officer, MSLE

Philippe Johnston
President, CIO Association of Canada

Alizabeth Calder
Consulting CIO

Samantha Liscio
Ph.D. Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, WSIB

Catherine Chick
Senior VP IT, Canada Goose

Thomas Wardman
2020 CIO of the Year : Not-for-Profit

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